Cravings-to-go – Numero Quindici

As the candles around him and with them their subtle flames died, warm darkness befell his chambers. She was dressed in a beautiful olive gown, her skin soaked with oil, her hair braided with pearls. “Will you lay with me, Sire?” She asked in a sweet, soft voice she had been paid to use. He stared at her for a moment, still seated in his chair. His dark brown eyes looked like deep holes – a journey into the unknown. She laid down between the covers. “Please, Sire, I’m terribly lonely.” she lied sweetly. He stroked his majestic beard and studied her outline, for her body was covered by the darkness. “Do you need more light, Sire?” she asked and once again he didn’t reply.

“You are a beautiful woman.” he said in a deep, rough voice. “To lay with you tonight would be my greatest pleasure.” He stood up and looked at her. “But first I must do what every strong man must  – what my fore-fathers have done before me and tonight – tonight is that night.” He took a deep breath. “Leave.” He told her. “Are you sure, Sire?” He nodded eagerly. “You must not stay any longer. Leave now!” In a hurry, she gathered her scarf and left him standing alone in the darkness. His eyes lit up, his breath was warm. “Tonight” he said loudly to himself. “I shall blog!”

So, that was just my way of saying hello to you after a successful day of not biting or nibbling. It is saturday and I said I’d post a picture of my ravishing hands (including that one ugly nail I usually cover up with a plaster).
…thing is, it’s not working. Please don’t be angry at me for not showing you my nails (who wants that anyway?), but I can’t find them in my media library here on WordPress. I must have uploaded them several times now. Oh, I’m so bad at this whole formatting thing or whatever you call it.

Let’s just celebrate the fact that I didn’t go rabbit on my nails today 🙂


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