Cravings-to-go – Numero Diciassette

I don’t want to sound too hopeful, because that my backfire, but I didn’t bite today and it seems to  be going well.

I was in school today to write a chemistry test. My teacher seriously shouted at us (real shouting) because people arrived a bit too late.

It’s monday morning, what does she expect?

I noticed that I have a lot of sleep to catch up with, because I had to cry at the beginning of the test and blacked out completely.

Nobody noticed (good thing about glasses) and I managed to get through alive.

My friends said I looked terrible and convinced me to go home, where I slept for a few hours, waking up feeling better and then feeling guilty.

So still in process of deciding and trying to get some sleep – I shall descend to my chambers now, completely ignorant of the fact that my room is upstairs.

Good night 🙂



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