It’s your fault for being sick, isn’t it?

I got up this morning and got ready to go to school. Due to the fact that I have ear ache and a cold still I then decided to stay home.

It’s weird, I’ve been off sick for so long (almost 2 weeks now) and the big symptoms are basically gone, but I still haven’t fully recovered.

My friends told me it’s better to stay off school for 2 weeks than to go back to school to early and relapse every few weeks or days. I see their point.

And then there’s my sister, for example, looking at me and asking me why I didn’t go to school again.

Apparently in this household you have to be coughing up blood, dying of fever and scheduled to be amputating a leg or something to be labelled as: Sick and therefore unable to go to school.

And it’s annoying. I feel guilty enough!

And then I think that maybe I’m overreacting, that half of my symptoms are in my imagination and I’m actually quite healthy, but my mind is looking for excuses to stay at home.

I don’t want to stay home any longer, believe me. The looks and yearns  are enough.

You know when I feel sad I cuddle up underneath a blanket and watch an Audrey Hepburn film. Everyone was scheduled to be out tonight and I thought that would be perfect. But of course people have to change their plans and stay here after all and turn my plan into mere fiction!

Yes, so here I am; unpleasant company, frustrated about all the wrong things and tired and sleepless with a hat on my head. So there. That’s what comes from being 2-weeks-sick!




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