Cravings-to-go – Numero Ventuno

Isn’t it amazing I can count in Italian even though I don’t speak it? I can order a salad without artichokes and say thank you and good night and enjoy your meal and hello and my name is and stuff like that. That’s more than I can say in Gaelic (I’m trying to learn that, but it’s quite hard…). If I met a person who spoke only Scottish Gaelic (That must be rare though…) then I could introduce myself and telling them my name, formally or informally tell ask them how they are and tell them I’m fine, thank you. If I happen to  be having a bad day – well, tough luck, I’ll just have to lie or say that I’m fine vividly shaking my head. And then I can say good-bye too. So it will be enough for a quick conversation about nothing, but not enough to build up a long-lasting relationship or anything alike.

Right, nails. So, No, I didn’t bite again. But I’m tempted since winter time is making my skin dry – but don’t worry I’m working on that.

I went back to school today. I’m not feeling 100 % healthy, but I’m glad I went, especially because maths was cancelled and I only had two history lessons, in which we watched a “historic” film and then I received my grade for the plot I’d written for my drama class and the diary we have to keep (like a theatre diary) and I was overjoyed! I got 13 out of 15 points. That’s like an A- or a B+ or a 6 or a 1 or whatever is a cool grade in your country 🙂

And honestly I don’t know why the format is different in the last paragraph. I did something and I can’t change it. I’m such a – Anti-Nerd, no offence, I can’t help it.


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