My pre-worlds-end-new-years-resolutions

Regarding the fact that the world may end next month ( a funny thought) – and with all those floodings and tornadoes it doesn’t seem that unlikely – I’ve put together a list of “The next few years resolusions”!

What I’m trying to say is that there might not be a new years eve and I’d still like to tell you what I’m planning on doing for the next few years. I don’t care if it makes sense or not!

  • Write a book. And I know I’m not alone in this one. And I have actually finished a story, but this time I’d like to finish one that exceeds 1oo pages.
  • Produce a play. I’ve written several plays. They’re all terrible. But if I do write one that is not terrible (meaning actually quite good) I want to get it onto a stage with actors and all of that!
  • Help a person. All the time I’m talking about saving the world and being social when I’ve never “done” anything in  my life. Before I save the world maybe I ought to help at least one person.
  • Sell a song to a performing artist. I write songs too and sometimes they’re actually quite good. For now I’m tossing them at my singer/songwriter friend with a band and with no band (He does both).
  • Have “something” published. I was published once. It was an article about what comes after death. Unfortunately it was a Christian newspaper so I got lots of replies to read the bible and that it’s obvious, isn’t it?
    Also I don’t mean this, publishing my own random thoughts hoping someone will read it. I mean published by a proper publisher – if it’s a newspaper or a company for jingles.
  • Travel. The world is huge. That bucket list I posted a while ago is just the beginning.
  • See another ghost! I’ll just leave that one unexplained…muhaha..ha
  • Plant a tree. Who doesn’t want to plant a tree? It’s good for the environment and looks nice 🙂 I think every one who uses paper should plant a tree in return.
  • Join in NaNoWriMo. Maybe – it’s a BIG maybe, in fact, it’s almost a no.

For now that’s all. Happy 2012 (I mean the horrific movie). By the way, I’ll watch that on Silvester 2013 and laugh.


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