Cravings-to-go – Numero Ventiquattro

So, you remember when I told you I’d bitten my thumbnail, right?

I bit the other one today and it’s even shorter.

I’m sorry! It looks ugly and bad.

But I’ve thought of  a way to upload a picture of my hands. I’ll do it from my phone, but only one. But not now, because…because.

I’ll have to file them down to a modest length and so it’s not as obvious I bit some of them and I’m trying to grow them (emphasis on the trying).

So…sorry again. I might have to do one more round of the thirty days of Habites-Posts.

I feel bad about it, biting I mean. Especially because I started and I couldn’t stop. I need to start taking a nail file to school to reduce the temptation.

Merry December 🙂


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