Dogs, cars and massive houses

At one point or another I must have told you about the place I live, Dreieich, and the areas it has. Let me just repeat that for you:

  • Dreieich-Offenthal: I have been there once and I can’t tell you anything about, because it is too far away. It has some nice houses, a quiet station and some weird street names (Like “In den Gärten” which is “In the Gardens” What kind of street name is that?)
  • Dreieich-Götzenhain: There are some nice flats and houses there and loud church. It’s a very pretty part of town, but easy to get lost in. It’s famous for it’s “Faschingsumzug” which is the parade at carnival.
  • Dreieich-Dreieichenhain: A divers area; it has an old-town with a castle (or what’s left of it), but it also has an industrial bit, including a meat factory. The smell is disgusting (especially for a vegetarian). I go past there to visit my friend – I don’t know how she does it every morning.
  • Dreieich-Sprendlingen: This part of town is the largest one. It’s filled with shops and Kebab-places, cheap Pizzerias and buildings with 10 stories and 20 flats. I live in this part of town, but close to the edge of it, so we have a house and a garden and no cars passing our place all the time. We have a loud neighbor (he owns a music school so he’s always playing music) but that’s far better than traffic.
  • Dreieich-Buchschlag: I’ll just say it: It’s the rich part of town, where everyone has a big house and a big garden and a fence (maybe even an electronic gate) and several cars, even though they are closest to the station that takes you to Frankfurt and other places.

I’ve been through Buchschlag a few times on my way to the station. The houses are very impressive. And you know the dog-walking job I have is in that part of town too. I mostly take her through the woods and the fields around, but it can’t be helped to pass some streets.

So you know these rich people have cars, right? And the dog I walk on Tuesdays had an accident with a train once and is now afraid of large vehicles. So of course the majority of Buchschlag had to go and buy one of those huge Landrovers or a large BMW or some other bulky car with the massive wheels. I remember passing a Landrover once with the dog and she leapt out onto the street and I could only just hold her back before it hit her. I mean, yes, stupid dog. But honestly, does everyone need a big car like that? I get that it’s something like a status symbol but I bet it wastes loads of petrol, we have no mountains to climb, no harsh land to cross – no we need cars you can take into the city. There’s no need for bulk! Today only walking up the street with the dog I saw at least 10 of those bulky cars.

It’s the same thing with those pools they have. I would love to have a pool. I love pools. Pools are great. Seriously, I want a pool.

So anyway I was walking the dog on one of the hottest days in summer this year and absolutely no one was using their pool. What do you get one for if you’re not going to use it?

Anyway, as you can tell I’m slightly annoyed. For one part because of the big cars and for another part because the dog is “in heat” at the moment and felt like she had to bark at any dog that past us and really I did my best to avoid any, but there was this one couple with two dogs they  were so slow and so I was slow and my dog doesn’t do slow, she wants to get on with it. And then they turned around to go back, which I hadn’t expected so in the end, after all of my attempts to keep out of harms way, it did come to a confrontation. That dog is exhausting!

However, I hope you have a nice remaining day and I have calmed down a bit now. 🙂


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