Driving me mad (haha)

Every second thursday we have three free periods in between lessons.

First, two lessons of politics, which makes your eyes close – forcibly – and your mind drift off into a better life. Then, two lessons of english; it takes you a while to wake up again, but our teacher is such a jolly and motivated person you actually tend to wake up again pretty quickly.

But unfortunately we then had three lessons of doing nothing. Well, I helped a friend with her french homework (which was later torn to pieces – rhetorically speaking – by our dear french teacher) and then we just talked and passed time in the library.

Anyway, I might get to the point some time soon, so friend K. is almost done with learning for her drivers’ test and friend R. started taking lessons about a week ago. So today they were chattering on about driving stories and how scary it is and all of that. I’m taking my drivers’ some time next year when I’ve turned 18, so I don’t really want to hear anything about it.

So my sister got her license about a year ago. At the time it was the number one topic at the dining table – I put up with it because I had nothing else to say. And over the last year all of my friends (most of them anyway) have been getting their license or are in training at the moment.

So basically it’s all anyone ever talks about.

I had set up a rule a few months ago, when Michelle was getting her License, so she was talking about it and then K. said she’d have hers in about a half a year and they just kept repeating themselves, all excited and agitated. I set up the rule that whoever hasn’t passed the test and can drive without being an outlaw may talk about driving. Everyone else can please shut up.

Meanwhile everyone has forgotten about that rule and their babbling on about it.

But thing is there’s this mentor-thing going on. One person passes the test, the next one starts, so now the person who passed the test is the wise old lady/man who is more than willing to pass on all of their knowledge and then the next person passes the test and there are two people who can pass on their wisdom and then by the time they’ve stopped talking about it, the next person is taking lessons. IT WILL NEVER END! By the time I do my drivers’ test everyone will be done and looking at me with that look that says: “Look at her, our little girl growing up so quickly. You can talk about it if you want to, because we are just so wise.”

It’s annoying. I’ll trust your driving instincts and wisdom when you’ve been driving successfully for about ten years or maybe even five – not a week or no time at all.


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