Cravings-to-go – Numero Diciannove

So, did I bite or nibble today? NOOO

And that’s great now, isn’t it?

It’s probably because I didn’t do much at all today. I got up (Good first step) and as it’s my sisters birthday today it was prezzie time around lunch. Then I had singing, that went well 🙂 And then I came home…and…well…

I completed to tests on the internet. One established that I’m an idealist and can’t sit still and always need change and help other people and ENFP. (What’s that?) Apparently I have Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Feeling! It sounds like some super power. And in the second test I found out I was an ambivert (it’s an introvert AND and extrovert all in one, like a dual personality or something. I always knew I was crazy) and that sort of fits with the first test…

And again the size changed in the last paragraph…sorry. So anyway I managed to get a good start on my essay – I haven’t finished, but at least I started. Yes, yes… 🙂


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