Dear procrastinating me

At about three o clock I turned on my computer to finally write an essay on Karl Marx for school.

So..two hours, various YouTube videos and a personality test later I’m still at point zero.

I’m so good at procrastinating. I could win a prize for it.

So about the essay. Our ethics teacher gave us a text (a very long and complicated one) and 8 questions and we were supposed to use that to write an essay.

He said essay, that’s what he said, at a German school. I know what an essay is – but I’m still really confused. No other teacher has used the term essay before, except for my english teacher.
And this here, the blogging, is by the way procrastinating.

So I’ve marked all the important parts and what part fits to what questions. I used 8 different colours – it looks quite pretty actually. But I can’t start.

Why can’t he just say: Karl Marx. And then I can see what I find on the notorious world-wide web and write something about it, randomly. I’m good at that, as you can see. I have a category here on WordPress called “random”. So yes, I like to be random.

So I’m having trouble answering these 8 questions in an essay due on Monday (ugh, I hate deadlines) because it’s so structured already. My random mind is confused. I don’t even know how to start!

Okay, I’m going to stop blogging now and I’m going to start that essay – however I’m going to do that.


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