Cravings-to-go – Numero Trenta

Oh my, it’s number thirty already.

Well, at least today I haven’t been biting or anything.

So say goodbye, today Cravings-to-go dies and will rise up with a new name like phoenix from the fire!

Cool, right?

Anyway I’ve been doing/dodging homework  all day. I’ve finished my essay, done german, studied for sports, read a chapter for english and now I have to do politics – but I need a break first, again. Oh and maths, but I’m probably not going to do that, because I.don’! Seriously I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. It feels like I’m looking at a blank wall, but worse, a wall that gives me a bad headache. (not, that there’s such a thing as a good headache, unless it talks you out of going to some event with a lot of people).


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