On my way to London – Day 1

So you know my mum promised me I could go to London if I grow my nails, well, I’m holding her to her word! And well, good enough, I didn’t bite today! And that’s good, isn’t it?

I ought to start saving money too though – I mean, nails aren’t everything when you’re paying for a flight and everything.

So to start off, here are few weird things you didn’t know about me:

  1. I sometimes talk to myself in a weird southern American accent.
  2. I walk in circles while brushing my teeth – it makes me feel dizzy, but I can’t help it unless I sit down.
  3. When I’m dodging homework, I play some loud emotional song and pretend I’m singing it – several times. Like this one:

Another thing: I love Rent 😀


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