Way to London – Day 2

Guess who has a new haircut? Me!

If I were a superhero who had to hide her identity, I’d wear a well-fitted Venetian mask 🙂

Good and now guess what didn’t get bitten today? Nails!

Wow, you’re so good!

I would have smiled on the picture (yes, that’s me) but that won’t work well with a mask on your face. It makes your cheeks resemble pudding.

And well, I don’t need to stay anonymous, but just for the fun of it I thought: “Why don’t you wear your mask from Venice?” I have to go back there some day…so yes that’s my scoop for the day: I have a new haircut. Isn’t this interesting. I don’t know, I just felt like telling you 🙂

Well and it probably doesn’t really cover my identity, you’d recognize at least half the face – and the hair 🙂


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