What’s normal anyway?

In ethics class we’ve been talking about various images and ideals of the human race.
Thomas Hobbes said we were all bad and self-absorbed and Jean-Jacques Rousseau claimed that we are all compassionate and good at heart.

And then some other guy whose name I can’t quite recall said that we can never be happy because the pursuit of happiness is what makes us happy, when we’ve reached a goal, we need another one – or we’ll get bored.

Of course he used many more sentences and complicated words to express his theory.

You know, I have a theory; all of those old philosophers didn’t really know what they were talking about themselves, so they just wrote it down in a way that nobody understood and BAM! We think they’re a genius.

Well anyway my point is; throughout history people have been trying to figure out the secret of human nature. I’ve already stated a post on what I think about that peculiar species we call “human kind” a long time ago (when I was about your age…)


So anyway, growing up I was a bit of a hyperactive child. I didn’t really worry about what people thought of me – if I was behaving inappropriately, I’m sure my mum would have told me.

Then I came into 7th grade and I realized what it felt like to be judged and humiliated (puberty, you know?) and well I started to think about what kind of image I had, how I acted in public, what kind of clothes I wore, what my hair looked like and all of that stuff. Of course in my class there was no way of finding acceptance with the In-crowd, but fortunately I found friends anyway. Belive me, we all had a terrible style back then.

So anyway I realized it wasn’t  normal to talk to yourself in public or shout (in a good way) with other people around. When you’re amongst people, you need to act like you’re the dullest person in the world, kids!https://i0.wp.com/i.chzbgr.com/completestore/2008/7/15/roffleyou128606154488051068.jpg

But in Germany I’ve met so many weird people. It’s the good kind of weird, don’t worry. I have friends who cheer up other people by labelling themselves as “Awesome” (it works too) and friends, who make up stories about whales and unicorns and computer chips and elves and what not and friends who get excited about a massive teddy bear at 16 and friends who explain to a group what Skyrum is so persistently they’ll go away. I stayed, but I still don’t get it 😛 (I basically don’t agree with killing dragons!) and well, I’m the friend who happens to make a scene out on the street with another cool and weird friend about lemon ice cream and what it didn’t my family and how it ruined my life (don’t worry, I actually love lemon sorbet) or convince a friend to start a mini-musical in a supermarket in Berlin about stockings and chocolate rabbits. Also you can ask me anytime and I WILL tell you a cat-story – because my cats are fabulous creatures 🙂

What’s wrong with that?

Honestly, everyone is in some way weird. Either you’re afraid of clowns or you find them sexy or you know, you don’t care. Or maybe you’ll turn out to be the crazy cat lady (like me) or the one who talks to everyone about anything, even if they don’t want to talk to you.

Especially when we’re alone – I bet we’re seriously weird. I told you the other day about some weird things I do, like talking to myself in a southern American accent about needing the loo. We are all weird.

So why the heck do we have to act all “normal” in public and pretend we’re something we’re not and then judge other people who appear different.

See that guy with pink shorts and the blue hair and those creepy black contacts – in some dark corner of your judgemental soul, you are just as weird as him.

What is normal anyway? Who defines how I’m supposed to act?

Of course, there are table manners and formal things, but the rest is just the pressure from society that keeps us from laughing out really loudly from time to time and I don’t  like that.

I’m normal. I’m the most normal person you’ll ever meet – along with the rest of the world.

To me, weird is the new normal – but that doesn’t make it any less special 😉


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