The outcome of listening to Vivaldi

I don’t know if it had anything to do with it, but while I was listening to various compositions by Vivaldi (yes, I think Vivaldi is awesome) a few small poems – or fragments of something – came out of it. Here are the five tiny poems. Pick one 😉

A shadow that creeps up from behind
A light in the distance you can’t define
Whoever you are, you’re one of a kind
You’ll always be there in the back of my mind

She held him until he closed his eyes
forever gone to the land of the night
And when she thought the time was right
his ashes set sail through the winter sky.

Our heart is pumping penicillin
we were numb a while ago
let’s sweat it out, embrace the feeling
As now our eyes are shut no more.

If the autumn winds had carried me home
I’d be lost and drifting alone
far off, somewhere nobody knows
somewhere not even solitude goes.

Let me tell you about two people who loved.
a million reasons to keep them apart
except that this time – it was actually love.


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