Take your phone, young lady!

As a teenager, especially when I got my first phone, I got to hear two sentences immensely often: “Are you taking your phone?” and “If you’re not going to answer the phone why do have one?”

Well, coincidently, my dear parents are quite the hypocrites.

Several times they have gone out for hours without telling me where, not leaving a note or taking their phone. Where does that leave me? It’s been blasted into my brain to keep my phone charged and with me at all time and when I go out I always take my phone and check it regularly. And if I don’t then I come home to hear the speech of my worried mother.

Tonight I was in Frankfurt at a Museum and the Christmas Market and I got home around ten and it was dark. The only sound I heard was the thumping of the cat descending down the stairs to greet me – she was hungry.

So as there was no answer to my “hello” I went to check the living room for a note – no note. I went upstairs, thought that my parents were maybe sleeping, so I peeked around their door, which was wide open, and saw that the bed was empty.

But there’s more. I came into my room and it had been tidied up completely. New bedding, clear floor and dusted. That freaked my out completely. I rang all three (mother, father, sister). My mother had left her phone at home and it rang merrily just like my dad’s phone. And my sister didn’t pick up.

So then I decided to leave them a note incase I was already in bed when they got back saying:

I don’t care if you’re only next door: Phones!

As I went into the study I saw my dad’s cup of tea was still full. So then I went over to the neighbor’s house to see if they had popped over there. They hadn’t. The fact that my neighbor looked worried as I told him nobody was there didn’t make me any less worried, to be honest.

So I went back inside and waited, when I finally heard the door and my mum popped through and greeted me in a jolly tone.

That’s when I asked them where they’d been and why they hadn’t taken their phones and what they were thinking not even leaving a note.

They laughed at me. But it was certainly not funny. Not only mothers think of worst case scenarios and get irrational from time to time. If you’re going to want to be able to contact me anytime, you should see to it that I can do the same.

Of course it’s irrational to think someone might have abducted two grown-ups (I think my sister is at work) and tidied my room. But I have a vivid imagination and they know that and so they need to take their phones!


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