Way to London – Day 6

I know, I know, I’m late. Thing is, being a teenager with a social life I was out until about 2 in the morning (no, I wasn’t drunk) to celebrate a birthday  and by then the only internet access I had was on my phone and I really don’t like to blog on my phone. So, here I am, belated, trying to tell you I didn’t bite my nails 🙂 But I did nibble and (okay, those who are easily grossed out, go and read something else about fairies and pony-tails) ripped off a piece of skin, even though I’d only nibbled once it was enough, and it began to bleed. It would have carried on bleeding all evening if my friend hadn’t given me a plaster :S But I really didn’t nibble that much!!!

So…how’s the weather? It’s raining here 🙂 First sign that the world will end on friday! (at least earth could wait until monday morning. I haven’t even seen the hobbit yet).


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