Way to London – Day 8 + A mighty smack in the face, I’d say

So here’s to part one: As you all know I wrote a maths test today…which was kind of…dreadful…so…I bit my nails…I’m sorry…

But Karma punished me right after that which brings to part two: We played basketball today in sports and well, we have this sporty guy. Either you’re in his team and never get the ball or you’re in the opposite team and you don’t want be in his way. He doesn’t believe in fair play or…teamplay or anything like that, because he’s good enough on his own. So anyway, the one time he passed the ball to me, it flew right into my face. And it hurt! But not as much as my head hurts right now. I cooled my cheek with ice cream…and my mouth…choc chip chocolate…it was so worth getting smacked in the face for that ice cream. And  besides, later we played hockey (a sport where you can just take control of the ball and you don’t have to wait for someone to think you might be good enough to catch it) and I scored a goal!!! And that does not happen often!

So I hope tomorrow goes better – nail-wise  and face-wise 🙂


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