So what if it doesn’t end?

The world will end on friday.

That’s a funny sentence. It’s Wednesday and in two days  the world is supposedly going to end.

It’s a thought I can’t exactly come to terms with, to be honest. I’m not at all scared, because frankly I don’t believe the world will end. Wouldn’t we have noticed something by now? Just because the Mayan calendar ends on that date it doesn’t mean it’s the end of time. Besides, time is relative. We invented clocks right? Imagine how different our lives would be if nobody had invented any form of time measurement. But that’s not the subject right now.

According to Galileo (A TV program on a German channel) the Mayans worked with time cycles. One cycle lasts about 5000 years. And when that cycle is over a new one starts.

A work colleague of my mother from Mexico (yes, I have a very international mother) it will be the beginning of a new era of positive energy and everything will be better.

Now, I’m not sure what to believe less: The world ending – or everything getting better all of a sudden.

I surely hope it’s the latter. If you look at the progress we could start making. Ever so slowly politicians are waking up and eventually they might start doing something to preserve or even improve the environment, fight poverty and social inequality, which has been growing gradually over the last few years in Germany.

So if everything would get better, what would improve? You know my ideal world-view: No differences between skin color, gender, sexuality, you name it –  help when you need it, no manipulation, no ignorance – a world on the same wave – length. And no, I’m not referring to communism. I don’t want people to be the same. I love individuality. But it’s not something you should exclude someone else because of.

So what would better mean? A better economy. According to everything I’ve studied for my economy test tomorrow though, there is a constant “wave” between boom-time and recession-time, changing every six to seven years. So whatever economic miracle this new cycle might bring – it won’t last too long.

I’m sorry to sound so pessimistic. I just don’t think that humanity will ever be ready for things to get miraculously better. We just ruin everything. A tiny example: Nestea had great ice tea – then they changed the recipe. Now it tastes like some kind of chemical cleaning solvent (not that I’ve ever tasted cleaning liquid…).

Would it end slavery? Would it stop global warming? Would it add a little more ice to the north pole? Because those drowning ice bears really need it. Will it end our greed for oil and resources we simply don’t have anymore?

Will anything change at all? It’s two days before the world ending and the news is talking about the UBS being fined for committing something with money. I wasn’t listening, but I suppose it affects people who had money in the first place.

Why doesn’t the news talk about the environment – and not only when some politician mentions it in a speech – or human rights and how they are violated every day, every where or cruelty to animals. Instead people report about money – every important matter on the news is somehow related to money and the newest celebrity gossip. Everyone always talks the problems of the people with money – those who don’t own anything apparently don’t have the right to be mentioned either.

This turned out to be a bit of a rant, I’m sorry. This was supposed to be a positive post about what we can do differently, regardless of what happens on friday – even better of course if there’s the wave of positive energy.

But I believe, ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed one of my famous (I know them, that’ll do for now) “literary strolls”, where I start off with one subject and in the course of it my real thoughts on any matter whatsoever – whatever might be on my mind – are revealed. So I’m sorry for turning all pessimist on you. Ta-da.


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