Way to London – Day 12

I merrily announce that I did not bite my nails! (I was trying to bring something christmasy in there, see?)

It was the last day of school today (Celebration time, come on, and everybody’s gonna feel alright *wooohooo*)

So, I will try to take care of some personal projects, relax, walk the dog (that’s my “job”) and grow a mustache.

Okay, no, scratch the last one. It wouldn’t suit me.

So as I have no homework to finish and no exams to study for I’m going to bed for. And then I can finally stop thinking about school work and teachers and my hardly existent plans for the future. I’ll think about cats instead and curtains and a play I want to write and an article and..my bed. My warm, cuddly bed is calling me. Good night 🙂


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