Santa went down the chimney, but choked on the way down

Last night I went to see a movie with my friend, Michelle. The movie was called Pitch Perfect and it is AWESOME 😀 It’s funny and full of accapella, which I think is …really cool (avoiding using the word “awesome” here). And I realize it’s the 24th of december and I think my stomach is going to burst any minute now from eating too much bake – what I’m trying to say is that what I’m about to write about doesn’t really fit in with the jolly pre-christmas (here in Germany it is already christmas, because they celebrate the 24th…so strange 😀 ) thoughts and so on, but it’s something I really want to get out there.

So as I said, last night I was out with Michelle. And that evening only she had about three cigarettes. One in the car, one in town before the cinema and one after. I’d like to add that she’s been trying to stop. Apparently she’s given up on stopping. But she has said that she wants to get one of those electronic cigarettes. They’re like pretend-cigarettes, but without all the deadly tar and all of that.

So to start off, here are some facts about long-term smoking:

  • If you ate a cigarette, you would die – immediately.
  • Your lungs turn yellow, then brown, then black…but you’re probably dead by then.
  • One cigarette shortens your life by six minutes.
  • Your teeth turn yellow and brown.
  • Your skin turns grey.
  • When you’re forty you may look like sixty.
  • You get lung cancer.
  • You are more prone to getting a heart attack.
  • Your voice sounds like a motor boat…motor.
  • Maybe you won’t be able to have kids.
  • You kill the people around you. If you yourself don’t die from smoking, your friends and family, the passive-smokers, might. In Switzerland there are about 180 documented cases of death by passive-smoking a year. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s 180 more than it should be.
  • It can cause dementia.
  • After years of smoking; it makes you really ugly.

But then again, I understand why smokers don’t stop. I don’t understand why they started in the first place, but that’s not my point. People use these nicotine patches to stop smoking gradually, by reducing the dosage slowly.
Here in Germany one packet of 20 cigarettes costs 5 Euros. One packet of 21 nicotine patches costs about 41 euros. Where’s the logic in that? If patches were cheaper, more people would buy them and less would smoke. But of course if fewer people smoked, less would buy nicotine patches. It’s hypocritical! You could buy 160 with that money! It’s simply ridiculous. Clearly they don’t really want people to stop smoking, otherwise they’d lower the prices. You could even assume they’ve joined forces: the cigarette lobbyists and the pharmacists.

And another thing: For a while now there have been posters up from Marlboro cigarettes. I’m sure you must have seen them around. They’re telling people not to be a maybe. What does that even mean? Maybe you’re going to die sooner? And if you’re not a maybe: You’re definitely going to die sooner!

So this one says: Maybe never fell in love. Where’s the sense in that? Don’t smokers stink? Where’s the joy in kissing someone who smokes? I prefer a fresh breath, honestly. And what the heck is with the general message of it all? Are they suggesting I’m  not somebody if I don’t smoke? It’s just disgraceful how they’ve snatched up that old story with group pressure. In school, if you didn’t smoke, you weren’t cool.

Well, guess what? I am somebody. And I’ll be that somebody for so much longer than you, Mr. Marlboro. I think you’re more of a maybe in fact if you have to rely on a drug to stay calm, because you can’t do it yourself.

So I could go on for ages. To finish, here’s a link that shows you the beauty of cigarettes. Enjoy 🙂


One thought on “Santa went down the chimney, but choked on the way down

  1. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email.
    I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.

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