Way to London – Day 16

So yesterday Santa stormed in through the front door, complaining we had no chimney he could crawl through. We apologized and everything would have been fine, when my dad chuckled and said: “You wouldn’t have fit through a chimney anyway.” That really set Santa off. He got so angry, he refused to give us our presents. So then my mother had the idea to give him some milk and cookies. Santa thought that was a wonderful idea and got all excited – but we didn’t have any cookies. So we spent all evening baking cookies while Santa stroked the cats. Finally, the cookies were made – but in the process we’d used up all the milk. All the shops were closed so we had to milk a cow. But since we don’t have cows around here, we went to our back garden and milked the sheep, cooked it and let it cool off. It was quite a hassle.

But in the end, Santa got his milk and cookies and we got our presents.

And THAT is the reason I couldn’t write my post yesterday.

I didn’t bite my nails yesterday 🙂 Wepee!

So, have a nice boxing day 🙂 Cheers.


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