Holiday writers block

I’ve tried writing the current story I’ve been working on or just imagining one, coming up with a plot. But I feel too tired, too bored, too lonely. It’s what the holidays do to me. To write I need to get worked up about something; about the fact that I have no time for writing, about school, about various people or global or local matters. And to get away from all of that I write.

At the moment the only thing I could be trying to get away from is the weather and the dog who feels like she has to bark (that includes pulling and trying to attack) at every arch-enemy she sees. And believe you me, she has a lot of enemies.

This happened last summer too. I stayed at home, all of my friends were out. For the first week of the holidays I was just numb with boredom, sadness. I’m not saying I have to be angry to be able to write. But some sort of stress or lively emotion has to be there so I can deal with it through writing. I’m sure after Silvester everything will be alright again and I’ll be wishing for more time for my writing.

Is there a switch? Writing-on-demand? After tomorrow I don’t have to take the dog out anymore and then I won’t have to get up at nine and go out in the tiring weather. I need an energy boost. I  need a smoothie.

From the miserable quality of this post you can deduct how tired I actually am right now. And it’s only six o’clock. I might take a nap…



2 thoughts on “Holiday writers block

  1. Yeah, writer’s block sucks. I’d agree that it is definitely a lot worse in the holidays, and that you’re right in saying the total lack of pressure is very uninspiring. Have you tried free writing, just writing out the first thing that pops into your head? I’ve heard it works and I think it’s worked for me once or twice. I know a lot of writers say to go out for a walk when you’ve got the ol’ writer’s block, but if that didn’t work after walking the dog, then I don’t know. Maybe try listening to music to get you into a certain mood?

    1. Hm I think what helps is a little human interaction and yes music helps a bit 🙂 haha well a walk might help. But a walk with that dog is anything but relaxing, for you’re constantly prepared for any worst-case scenario! Thanks for the tips though 🙂 x

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