About a year ago I met this guy, right? And we exchanged about a maximum of five sentences.

After that he added me as a friend on Facebook and we chatted a bit – though he did most of the talking. After a while my answers were just: “Okay” or “I see” or “Haha”.

Those are the kind of code words for “go away” and “stop trying, please” in Facebook.  Believe me, I’ve seen enough of them.

So he kept asking me to go and get coffee with him (I don’t even drink coffee, but whatever) and I kept finding some kind of excuse. But yesterday evening, after ages of non-communication, he asked me again.

I was too tired to think of an excuse, so I said yes. (stupid me)
Now I’m meeting him at three for coffee…or hot chocolate. I’m listening to music to gather up the non-existing motivation for this meeting.

To top it off, my mother just sort of called it a Date and we started the whole conversation again about why I don’t want to date anyone and that I can’t stay single forever! Well, I won’t. At some point, when I do want to date again, I might get a partner. But right now that thought is kind of scary.

I’ve been telling myself all morning that it’s just a meeting between two friends. My mother just ruined that a bit.

I realize it takes a lot of courage to ask someone out – but you know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

And then my mother said I’ve been playing hard to get by not going out with him for a year.

I wasn’t playing! I simply don’t want to!

Probably I sound really cold right now. *She should be happy she gets asked out at all* *Maybe she’ll like him after all*

And I’m not still heart-broken either! I’m just not interested. Urgh.



4 thoughts on “Not.interested.

  1. Funny, he hadn’t unlocked the Facebook code. I usally get one or two word answers in real life, it’s particular demoralising when I make a witty remark and a woman actually says “ha ha”. Great blog though

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