Way to London – Day 20

Hey Party People!

Nah just kidding. Reading my blog isn’t really like a party – although I do have balloons 😀 So anyway no biting of the nails today.

Oh and I’m sure you want to know how my Date went. Well, it wasn’t a Date I think, because…well…okay, he insisted on paying  (awkward…does that make it a Date?) but I don’t know how many times I repeated that I am certainly not interested in having a relationship or anything alike. So anyway he was nice to talk to. I might have made a too bigger deal before – but I tend to panic when it’s about stuff like that, especially when you’re mother starts asking “Ooouuuh! Who is he?”

So anyway incase you’re interested I’m blasting my ears out right now with Panic! at the Disco (that’s a band, by the way) and dancing around on my chair, because my headphones don’t let me go any further. I’ve spent the last hour dancing about to the soundtracks of “Hairspray” (OOOOH Run and tell that!) and “Pitch Perfect” (And I guess it’s just the woman in you – that brings out the man in me!)

You should try that some time. It’s so much fun! And it wakes you up immediately. Okay, maybe now is not the best time to wake up – but oh well. Better now than never 😀

Oh, and I did nibble a bit by the way :S only a tiny bit 🙂



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