Did they really?

I’m supposed to be doing my German homework right now, but something struck me. At the moment our subject is “The Marquise of O…” by Heinrich von Kleist and it’s set around 1799 when Napoleon was trying to get over the fact he was very small. However there are several times the Marquise throws herself … More Did they really?

My awkward-social-gatherings-with-many-people-phobia / Part II

I’m back from my social gathering. I feel exhausted. The family who hosted the whole thing seemed nice, although they had an exaggerated amount of stuffed animals. There was a rabbit in the living room, a collection of antlers upstairs and the head of a huge wild boar hanging above the stairs. Maybe their dog … More My awkward-social-gatherings-with-many-people-phobia / Part II

Open Roofs ~ Seat Number Twenty-One (reserved for the mistery guy)

Today I talked to a guy who knows me. But I don’t I know him. A while back I went to try out fencing again and he was there too, because he does it as a sport. And he recognized me immediately and asked me what I’m doing here. I replied normally, assuming I knew … More Open Roofs ~ Seat Number Twenty-One (reserved for the mistery guy)