Way to London – Day 24 + Why it is important to be a good loser

So to the first part of my late-night-post: I nibbled, unfortunately, but I didn’t feel the urge to bite. Sorry.

And the second part: I’ve just returned from an insanely enjoyable evening with my friends! We were out bowling and then we played billiard and then air hockey. Now, take a guess which one of these games I suck at the most!

So first: Bowling: I missed several times in a row and now and then I got lucky a few times and hit…one or two pins. I’m a very good loser so it doesn’t matter.

Then, billiard: At first it looked like I wasn’t bad. But then again I was just laughing all the time because I realized it was useless to believe we could win. I invented “Genius”, a new type of god that was responsible for my every move. Now, don’t say it the english way please. The G is hard like in Great and the E is pronounced more like an A like in Game. I was going on about “Genius” all evening, remixing the name into songs. People thought I was drunk, probably, but I’m sure I only had water.

And lastly: Air Hockey: I wasn’t all that bad at Air Hockey, okay, I did lose twice, win once and two games were a tie – so you know, that sounds…acceptable. I would rank the games in this order exactly . I suck most at bowling, then billiard and then air hockey. But I enjoy all three. I get weird when I win and get all competitive. So it’s better to lose. I’m so good at it. Seriously, if you want to feel good about yourself, you should play a game against me, except table-football (kicker?) I am brilliant at that. Well, okay I have been beaten. But I’m really not that bad! Just saying.

Good night anyway 🙂 That was fun!




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