Way to London – Day 26

Good evening my dear bloggeurs. Yes, I just invented that word because I am cool. And that again, was something completely invented and only exists in my mind.

Jenny (best friend from Switzerland) is trying out my typewriter, so I have a little time to commit to my blog.

I didn’t bite my nails today 🙂 Wepee!

Oh and today was great, by the way. We made our own milkshakes and put on new feet and faces (face masks and foot baths) while watching Snow-white and the Huntsman, remarking how hot it is, when  “William” says “Bowman” and joining in when the Huntsman roars. He does it quite a lot. And we both like the film, by the way, in case you were wondering.

Okay, so she just wrote a wonderful text on my typewriter 😀 Bye Bye.


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