No roof, no head.

What would you do?

I don’t think it’s a question of doing – more a question of staying sane, if you want to.

Yesterday I spent my time talking to the homeless of Frankfurt, asking them my questions.

But that wasn’t all. I couldn’t talk to many of them, because the speak polish or russian, not french or english or german. I guess I need to learn to speak polish. Yesterday I actually looked for the homeless and the more I found the more it depressed me. So can you imagine how depressed they must be?

I met one man, in his early forties, who claims he has no one. I see him at the very same spot every time I go to Frankfurt. He was very friendly and very, very sad.

One man we met who spoke no german or english and only fragments of french seemed completely insane. He offered us chocolate and introduced us to his mates, laughed madly and held on to his bottle of vodka. He didn’t want to accept the food I’d prepared that morning or the water. He prefered his chocolate a liquor.

Later on I saw him lying there asleep and thought about putting the food there – but there were plenty who did want the food.

One man sat on the edge of the street and didn’t respond when I said hello. I gave him the food anyway. And I watched him take it, eat it before anyone else could get their hands on it.

Most were very thankful. I think what I’ll do in future is to always carry some excess supplies with me I can distribute amongst those who want it.

I interviewed them to write an article. I can’t do it now though. I will do it, but I think I need to get a clear head again before I start.

And I know that the question from the beginning is a silly one. It can’t be answered. But you could try.


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