Open Roofs ~ Seat number one (awfully lonely)

Why that title? Well, not sure, but I’m going to have to live with it for the next thirty days. I’m referring to the topless 😉 tourist busses in London. I have exactly two memories of London. One: My mother bought a dancing cat in Hammonds. Two: I was sitting in/on one of those red busses as we whizzed past Buckingham palace. It wasn’t a very good guide. When I go back I can gain some more memories.

I ought to go back to Denmark too. That’s right, I’ve been to Denmark. But I don’t remember, do I?

If you have young children? Don’t go anywhere impressive – they’ll want to go back because they won’t remember.

So: My nails: No biting to-day 🙂

Oh and did you know I share my birthday with the pope and that when I celebrate my birthday, the US celebrates “Emancipation Day”? That’s a nice day to share my birthday with, I think.


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