Hundreds have done it before you!

When we’re very young, we learn to walk and talk and communicate. Then you go to school and learn…things…and you exchange ideas and stories with your classmates. And that’s where it starts.

I might have mentioned before how much it annoys me when people talk about their last driving lesson and how excited they are. Well, yes, it’s SO annoying, but on the other hand I do understand why they have to keep going on about it.

It’s a big deal.

But with any big deal really you can go ahead and tell yourself: “Hey, loads of people have done it before you. You’ll be fine.”

It doesn’t make it easier and in fact, it doesn’t even take the pressure of.

To stay with the matter of getting your drivers license; my sister passed the first time and had hardly any mistakes on the theory test aswell. Sure, she’s done it before me, but now I feel like I have to be just as good as her. And honestly, I can’t imagine myself driving a car. What an absurd thought! I’m about 1,62 m and I still feel like a child. I feel like I will be an adult when I’m about 10 cm higher!

There are many things, many obstacles, on our way to adulthood.

Sex, for example, seems like one huge obstacle to me. It’s scary. And then I think that maybe it isn’t such a big deal because others have done it before – others, that are younger than me. At this rate I’ll still be a virgin for the next ten years. But then again, you know, when I think of having sex now – well, you can forget that.

Now something more trivial: Taxes. What the heck do I have to do? Will I go to prison if I do it wrong? Nobody has ever explained to me how to fill in a tax form and I might be moving out in the next few years and I still don’t know how to fill in a stupid tax form! Generally, I’m really afraid of all this bureaucracy that will be coming my way soon; all of that stuff my parents have always taken care of so far. My mother does it all the time.

Just like online banking and signing stuff; like contracts that you must not break and oh my goodness how does anybody expect me to deal with all that responsibilty?

As boring as it is; I wish the teachers at school would show us how to do those every day paper-work kind of things instead of intergrals and the matrix (NOT the movie).

Okay, I thought I wouldn’t make it through the first year of college and I did. And I’m doing alright in my second year too. But that doesn’t take away my fear from year number three, with tests that last for four hours on things we’ve learned over the past three years and that we shoved back into our brains over the last few weeks before the exams. If I don’t do well on those exams; that’s three years of my life wasted and barely a chance to get into university.

Another thing: I do not want to imagine what it’s like to get married and then have children! Sure, my parents did the first thing and it worked and they did the other thing twice! Ouch! I can’t imagine the pain, and yet, hundreds of women and one man have done it before.

Does this mean I should go through life thinking that nothing is really that much of a big deal, because others have done it before me? But you see, if I then do those things, and fail, I doubt I will receive much sympathy from all of those who succeeded before I failed.


One thought on “Hundreds have done it before you!

  1. But if you succeed (and I’m sure you will) then you will have learned that you CAN do those things you thought you couldn’t. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back.

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