Here’s a challenge! Something to do when you’re bored :)

I’ve told you about going to see “Pitch Perfect” haven’t I? Well who has seen it too will agree it’s a really cool movie. I admit it’s a bit of a girl-thing, but there were three guys next to us in the cinema (And they always talked during the singing scenes -.-).

So in the movie, that you really ought to see, there’s this once scene where the main protagonist (Main, because there are quite a few protagonists in the film), Beca, auditions for the Barden Bellas, an accapella group. But she’s the kind of person that needs a beat, so, she makes her own with a cup to sing along to. I’ve been learning this routine for about fifteen minutes now and it is both frustrating aswell as fun to try. So first off, here’s a clip of Anna Kendrick doing it, who plays Beca in the movie:

I know, no one can learn how to do it from that, but Michelle found a really good tutorial, that is much slower:

So, I challenge YOU to learn the routine 😀 I’m going to carry on practicing. I can never get the second part right -.-

Have fun and yay to this really random post! 😀



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