Open roofs ~ Seat Number Seven (the racist teacher edition)

There are two things I would like to talk to you about today.

1. The teacher with a odd view of the world – or more like: the anti-socialist

2. My nails

So, getting to the first point: I’m referring to my dear french teacher. I might have said how she ruins french for me and many others. Here are some examples of all the enlightning things she says:

  • “What? You don’t beat dogs?
  • No, you’re presenting yourself! Why are you asking him how he is? That’s not why you’re here!
  • You have to show a student who’s in charge, but of course mutual respect is important. Except with animals, naturally, there is no such thing as respect with animals.

That second sentence is from a dialoge I had to do with a school mate today. Let’s start from the beginning.
She showed us a picture in our school book. It had a baker standing behind the counter in it and another young woman. She asked us what the young woman looked like.

“She looks nice, friendly.”

“No, no, what is she?”

“She – has a lot of hair?” (She had an afro)

“No! She’s an immigrant!”

Apparently that was so obvious to her because the woman was black. None of us had even realized.

Next example: Shortly before that a girl from my class held a presentation on unemployment in France. And she said, as far as I understood, that there a shelters where the homeless get a little money. This was my teachers response: “That can’t be possible! That can’t be right! Why would you give them money? If they did that here in Germany I’d take to the streets and protest!”

I couldn’t believe it. I was so close to either throwing my full bottle of water at her or picking a discussion with the stupid cow. She said afterwards aswell that the homeless are hustlers and wouldn’t invest in anything useful anyway and repeated several times, that she would protest.

That woman is just – gross in every way. She wasn’t even wearing a bra; and with those boobs, she really should!


The second point: My nails. You might be able to tell from my previous paragraph that I was quite annoyed. I was constantly thinking about nails, but I only nibbled. That’s good, I think. Could have been much worse!

So to finish off, here’s a song from the Musical “Hairspray” to close the first topic – and because I really like the song. You might have noticed I’m quite into musicals. In fact, I’m writing one^^






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