Open Roofs ~ Day Number Ten

A while ago when the Avengers was newly released (the film) I went to see it in the cinema. And it was good.

But then I decided I had to find out about the different members of the avengers-initative. So I watched Captain America, Iron Man 1 and 2 and Thor (again). I passed on Hulk, because it wasn’t the same actor playing Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. But anyway I googled Hulk and I also found out about the Black Widow and Hawkeye (Who are awesome and should have their own movie together) in Thor and Iron Man 2. However, I just watched the Avengers again and it was soooooooo much better! It’s amazing how emotional I get with super hero movies. I had to cry only seeing flash backs of how Captain America fell into the ice, leaving Peggy Carter waiting for that dance 😦 Almost crying now again.

I just wanted to say: I’m ready for the second avengers movie! Did you know that at the end of the film, after the credits, there’s a scene where they show all of the Avengers eating chips and burgers in a wrecked diner? That’s awesome 😀

Okay, my nails? Ah, well…as you know I just watched the avengers, which was quite the experience and well, this afternoon we were given our roles for the play in drama. At first they’d given me one I really didn’t want, because it included a story I’d told over and over again about me having a crush in seventh grade on this idiot with blue eyes – but then, they suggested something else and! (Yes, I realize I’m overusing that word, but I just watched a film that has SUCH an American attitude it’s going to take me a while to shake off)

So, while I thought I was getting a really un-enjoyable role I got a bit upset inside and bit my nails – and now again. But I sat on my hands after that. So that’s two nails bitten. Sorry! But it was an exciting day!

Oh, and one last question: Why does it always have to be America?


3 thoughts on “Open Roofs ~ Day Number Ten

  1. I’d like to say that it’s because it was easier for the film crews to use American landmarks – easier to make models, get pics, etc. But the real truth is probably because if there was a movie that blew up, say, the Kremlin or the Colosseum – most Americans probably wouldn’t know where it was. (Americans suck at geography.)

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