My random unblocking writing outcome

I couldn’t write anything useful today, so I decided to get whatever could be blocking me, off my chest. It helped, in fact. So here’s, I’d say, a short glance into my head on sunday afternoon.

I feel quite tired and uninspired. I’ve been trying to write more of my current story – or let’s call it a word document – for the last two hours or so. Or well, I’ve been trying to do something slightly productive at least. But no, my brain is thinking: “It’s Sunday. We don’t do on Sunday.” I suppose getting up at eleven in the morning didn’t really help either.

I’m even drinking coffee. I never drink coffee, unless it has some sort of nice added flavour and cream and chocolate – not really coffee anymore. So, here I am, trying to get over my writer’s block caused by tiredness and the weather or I don’t know. Maybe I’m suffering from some inner conflict or something. Or I simply can’t be bothered. I don’t know.

I remember one time I had a coffee after school because I felt really tired, then I went to bed for three hours. My mum just told me we have apples – I could make apple pancakes.

Anyway, it’s raining outside. It’s a mixture between snow and rain; so it’s quite cold. And my dad is currently outside jogging. He always picks the best time to go out for a run. It’s cold and icy and raining and, consequently, wet and he didn’t take his phone, as usual.

My cat is bored, too. She’s walking around all of the living room, going back to the same places over and over again. It looks like she’s looking for something she’s lost.

Right now, my sister is telling me about food. She’s hungry. Now I’m hungry. I can’t stop thinking about pancakes. And cheese.

I feel like eating Mexican. Mexican food, I mean. Oh, see what my sister has started. She’s still talking about food.

Okay, to get back to what writing. What was I writing about? I’m tired? Right, yes.

I have to do some homework still, but I can’t be bothered. Ah and I have to pee. That comes from drinking coffee. It goes right through. And surely you wanted to know that, didn’t you?

I have a lemur next me. Not a real one, of course, a toy lemur. He’s cute. But I wonder how he got here. He’s not usually on the sofa.

I wanted to go have coffee with a friend today, but she’s broke. So am I, but I have some money in my piggy bank.

My mum has nice white tulips on the table. They’re very pretty and they smell nice. And I can really feel the coffee kicking in. I need the toilet desperately and I feel nervous. And I’m typing at a tremendous speed.

My sister has decided to make pasta at four in the afternoon. I really need to pee. But, oh, why does the bathroom have to be so far away?
You must think I’m so lazy right now. Okay, I’ll get up now. Go.

Okay, no, I’ll finish my coffee first.

Okay, now, I’m going.

Ah, what a relief! I shouldn’t drink coffee.

Maybe I should do some exercise. I could play Wii sports, Wii fit…haven’t played that in ages.

My mum agreed to play a game of Mario cart later. I wonder what that means. Okay, I’ll try to write some more of my story now. See you later 🙂


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