Open Roofs ~ Seat Number Twelve

I am such a goodie-goodie! Why?

Well, I just did maths, volountarily, on a sunday evening. My sister said I could do it like her and wait for three years, not paying attention in maths and and learning it all in one month – or I could get help now. So I asked a friend who is good at both maths and explaining, other than my teacher. So she gave me homework and I did it 🙂 The unblocking text-block I postet today helped aswell. I ended up writing quite a lot, plus doing my homework and several things I didn’t have to do.

So yay to not much procrastination.

I didn’t really bite my nails, etiher, but I kind of did. I did a little nibbling and filed the rest. But the nail is quite a bit shorter now. So…yes.

Oh and Hotmail forced me to change my password because apparently it wasn’t secure enough (I’d had that password for about five years) and now I can’t remember the new password, nor the answer to my security question. Luckily it’s not my only e-mail account.


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