First world problems at their finest

My family can fight about anything: Weather or not the jar of peanut butter was left open, who left the salt standing on the corner, who said what, cats, dogs, hairdryers, whatever.

There hadn’t been a big fight in our family in a small while until this evening. I wasn’t part of it, I rarely am.

I was upstairs when I heard them yelling and slamming doors and stomping – five minutes later I was called to tea – great -.-

My dad made remarks like: “Well, this shows, you can’t always rely on technology.” (He likes to give inept remarks in tense situations)

And my sister ate really loudly and my mother said nothing, trying to get through tea quick enough. When finally, my sister had gone upstairs, my dad explained what had happened, in his own, obnoxious way.

My mother was at yoga (ironic, I know), my sister was out shopping with the car and they agreed my sister would pick my mum up on the way back and my mum would call her to tell her where she was. Unfortunately, my mum’s phone went dead and she walked home. My sister waited in a parking lot for (according to her) 45 minutes. She came home, really, really, really pissed off.

And that was it. I’d expected that maybe my sister had been robbed or something or that she had to pay loads of money for parking there or that my mother had given her the wrong address five times in a row or whatever. I would have been kind of pissed, yes, but I wouldn’t have waited for 45 minutes. My mum had sent her a text message that she was finished with yoga shortly before her phone died. So wouldn’t you simply assume that she was on her way home already?

Of course my dear father has to make it his problem too and explain to me, why you can’t rely on technology and all of that stuff. I get that a furious (furious for now apparent reason to me) is very unnerving, but was he trying to annoy me as well? Then we can all scream over nothing together!

Honestly, I know everyone says that, but my family is so weird sometimes. What’s the next fight going to be about? Who hung up the picture the wrong way around? By the way, my mum did apologise! If my family were in a situation that actually was frustrating and compromising, we would probably kill each other.



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