Open Roofs are not advised right now ~ Seat Number Thirteen (Brrr)


Winter has finally arrived!

This morning, we wanted to take the car to get to work and school. So I went outside extra early this morning to take the cover off the car – but I couldn’t. The cover, which was supposed to protect the car from ice and snow, was stuck on to the car. I couldn’t get it off. I even ripped it a bit. I ended up taking the bus, arriving at school fifteen minutes late.

Turns out though I wasn’t late at all, because my teacher, the ticking time bomb aka my chemistry teacher, was in fact an hour late. The short time we had with her this morning was a dream. Here are some examples:

“No, get in line! Listen, people, you are not alone in this world! You’ve got to work with me here! I’m not alone here either!”

“Stop, before you say anything, I am innocent. You’re the one who didn’t show me the doctor’s note, so don’t go blaming me!” – “I didn’t say anything.” – “Well, everyone always does!”

After only twenty minutes (of five) in that room we all


felt really drained all of a sudden.

Another signal for winter is sickness. Everyone has the flu and/or a fever, students and teachers. Everyone was sneezing, coughing and moaning. So if I get sick, you can’t say it’s entirely my fault! (I could just stay home of course to avoid getting sick…).

These pictures were taken on my way home, by the way. I think it’s quite fascinating how things freeze up, like their stuck in time. The picture below shows an ice-copy of a leaf. I took it from a leaf on the picture above.

In this whether it seems that anything can freeze: Cars, doorknobs, rubbish bins, trees, the button you’re supposed to press crossing the road at the traffic lights, leaves, hair, fences, bus stops, street signs and so on 🙂 The cars that still had snow of the front looked like they had moustaches. While I was waiting for the bus I played a little game for myself: Who has a garage? I suppose it’s quite self-explanatory; you just look at which car is frozen and which one isn’t.

Oh, and I have a confession to make. I bit my nail – hard. It even hurts. I bit my right thumb and I’m very sorry and regretful and I’ll put a plaster on it. I was in a bit of mood today because of how the day started and generally I was quite tired too. I realize those aren’t excuses for biting my nails – well, they are, but not good ones.


However, I hope you have a nice, snowy week (or not if you don’t like snow, but you should!) I still have to finish my homework, when all I really want to do is sleep – and blog – and eat, but mostly sleep. Maybe I’ll have a nap before I start…

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