The perks of getting lost

Right now everything is frozen outside. It’s beautiful. It’s like walking

Winter Wonderland. Every branch and leaf and traffic light is all frozen up and covered in fresh white snow.

Apparently though I am one of few who enjoy this kind of weather.

Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s wet. Yes, your car is frozen in the morning. Yes, we may lack a little vitamin D at the moment and yes, transport is a pain. But have you looked around? On my way to school there is a traffic light with a long vertical pole. The water running down and around has frozen on the spot, making the pole look like an ice skeleton.

The dog I take for walks loves the snow too. She rolls around in it, eats it and slides along on her stomach.

Today I went for a walk with the dog and then to the station directly from there. Well, directly, indirectly.


I got lost.

Due to my terrible sense of orientation I always chose the same way from my place to the station. But this time I started off somewhere else. I ended up somewhere in the middle of nowhere, having to ask an old man for directions.

But on the way I saw a lot of really nice, big houses, a lot of pretty gardens, a lot of cute pathways – and all of it was frozen. It was quite a view. And if could ever remember it, I now know a new way to the station.

On the other end, at the next station, I had to find my way to the city council (only because the Federal Employment Agency is in the same building and I went to see a career advisor). I knew the address and I knew which streets I didn’t have to go down. But honestly, why do they label every street except the one I need and then write a number on every house and stop shortly before I need to actually find the exact house number. Now Langen, the town I was in, isn’t as pretty as Buchschlag, but they have a few cool shops, for example: A small shop only for russian delicacies. I think that’s awesome and I’m not even russian. I wish I could speak it though. The russians are good at fencing! Maybe I should start by eating russian food. What do russians eat anyway?

So, anyway, here’s a shout-out (or a write-up) to all the people looking for something: Get lost sometimes. It’s cool.






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