Open Roofs ~ Seat Number Twenty-One (reserved for the mistery guy)

Today I talked to a guy who knows me.

But I don’t I know him.

A while back I went to try out fencing again and he was there too, because he does it as a sport. And he recognized me immediately and asked me what I’m doing here. I replied normally, assuming I knew him from school because that’s one of the two places I know people from. I went through every class and I couldn’t remember where I’d seen him before or what his name was.
Okay, maybe this isn’t the most suitable image, but I like (love) doctor who, so what?

Today he talked to me again, asking me why I didn’t go back to fencing and that I’d make a good fencer (is that a word).

Since the time I was in that gym I’ve been looking for him in every class I have. But I don’t share any classes with him, as far as I can remember.

But I must do. How else would he know my name is a school of 1800 students? I must be suffering from some form of amnesia. It must be called: Thinking of a face and a name when you need it – amnesia. Who the heck is he? I mean, I know he is now. But how did he know me in the first place? I’m confused and it’s frustrating.

But, even though my mind is a bit – tangled – I didn’t bite my nails today. So yay to me and that 😀


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