My awkward-social-gatherings-with-many-people-phobia / Part II

I’m back from my social gathering. I feel exhausted.

The family who hosted the whole thing seemed nice, although they had an exaggerated amount of stuffed animals. There was a rabbit in the living room, a collection of antlers upstairs and the head of a huge wild boar hanging above the stairs. Maybe their dog (alive) felt lonely. Also, their walls were full of paintings and there were statues and figurines everywhere.

Maybe they just simply couldn’t decide what pictures to hang on their wall and just picked all of them.

However, they’re good hosts. Her poor son had to gather all of the jackets and take them upstairs (And they were a lot of jackets) and serve the campaign (I didn’t drink any).

They didn’t sit with us – or them. I was at the children’s table with my sister (who was quite upset about it), the new neighbor’s kids, our other neighbor’s kids and their mum.

When a few left and we all found space at the “grown-up-table”. Luckily the chatty neighbor was there. He likes to hear himself talk about all sorts of things; mostly wine and himself. At one point he read out of a book by Loriot, a German comedian who lived from 1923 to 2011. It was funny, but I felt like I was at an 1820’s tea party or a soirée where people would sing and play the piano and read from pretentious books and say pretentious things themselves.

After a while, when he’d modestly told us all about how much he has achieved in his career as a conductor, I just got bored. He’s something like our local celebrity and is actually quite famous in his circles – he has his own music school and things – but he doesn’t have to mention it every time we get together.

However there were awkward silences and we were the first to be there (not for long) and we even waited a bit in the car before ringing the doorbell so we wouldn’t be too early.

But all in all it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined – mostly it isn’t. But I did hear them talk about boring stuff like taxes or whatever. Luckily enough the neighbor with the annoying laugh is in America right now and well, she’s not here and that’s what counts.



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