Open Roofs ~ Seats Number Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five

Some of you may have heard of the Iris former lead singer of Reamonn,  Rea Garvey. Who hasn’t: He’s a pop/rock singer with an x on his jacket.

That guy I just mentioned is responsible for the fact I did not blog yesterday evening. Well, and the fact that I got back around midnight after the concert and as you may know our wireless LAN connection turns itself off at midnight. So I thought I would simply tell you about the two days in one post. This way it’s not all that disappointing.

But first: The concert (as I know how incredibly interested in the growth of my nails).

He had a Support whose name was Ryan Sheridan, also Irish. He was really good actually; an exhilarating combination of drums, guitar, a unique voice and thoughtful lyrics. I would certainly recommend listening to his music. Rea Garvey also has quite meaningful lyrics, all about going for your goals and loving each other – except he expresses it in a much cooler and more musical way than me. It was cool music, cool atmosphere. Unfortunately a few people fainted towards the end. That’s the thing with concerts, everyone has to stand for about three hours and the only people who get a drink are the performers or those in the very first row. You could go buy a drink, but you wouldn’t want to risk loosing your spot in the crowd.

Anyway, my nails were not bitten or anything today. Yesterday though I nibbled quite a lot though. If anyone has any suggestions for me, again, I’m happy to hear them.



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