Open Roofs ~ Seat Number Twenty-Six

After my last blog post I spent about three hours completing this guidance test – and it came out with about the same things as every other test I’ve ever taken. Except that it told me my logic skill were quite high, which was nice, since every other test told me I was as smart as a toaster (our old toaster anyway, the one that burnt one end and left the other end raw – our new one burns the whole lot, so that’s an improvement).
It told me to study drama related stuff or to translate stuff or to study music (that’d be nice if I could read music…). I have actually considered entering in a classical singing education. When it comes to reading music I’ll just have to tell them I’m more of a learning-by-hearing person.

I might have said this before, but why do I keep doing this? I keep taking some test that never seems to reach an end and hope that somehow this test will show me the way into my individual future! It’s a bit like dating, really. You know you’ll get disappointed in the end and yet, you keep hoping for something new to happen. Though I must say I find it easier not to date than not to take this tests…

However; my nails. Were not bitten today of which the owner and carrier of these particular nails is quite proud and she claps her hands together in a content manner – in her mind only, because she’s typing.

This is the time of day when I’m supposed to be in sleeping because I know I have to get up around six tomorrow morning and I will be awfully tired, yet, I feel more awake than any time of the day.

Reminds me, I was supposed to tidy my room today…hm…


One thought on “Open Roofs ~ Seat Number Twenty-Six

  1. I’m jealous of this post, purely because my right index finger is mildly sore from biting that little bit too far down… Kudos!

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