Open Roofs ~ Seat Number Twenty-Seven + Why I suck at skipping school

I came home early from school today because I wasn’t feeling well. But it took my friends about two hours worth of convincing that I should go home because I looked crap. Since starting this new school year I feel like I can’t really miss anything because the teachers might give me an evil look. Besides, I’ve  never been any good at skipping school. I even go to class when I know the rest of the class isn’t going. Most people will believe the first rumor that a class is cancelled for the day and go home, no matter if it’s true or not.

Me, I’ll feel bad for the teacher who might have showed up just for us, fining out nobody’s there. I’ll stay – or at least I’ll be very thorough in finding out if we have to go or not.

It didn’t go so well for my nails either. I got quite carried away on my thumb nail 😦

They look much better than they used. But I can’t believe how long this is taking -.-


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