A short outburst of head-shaking

Okay, so this is me, a teenager who apparently doesn’t know the first thing about international politics.

My dear politics teacher who’d been missing for weeks, decided to turn up again and give us a large amount of homework because we have to catch up. Great.

Anyway, we had to read and write stuff about the European Unions safety and foreign policy. They have a dozen agreements and rules, each and every one of them with a private abbreviation which all look the same to me.

What I noticed is that they started to talk about how the European Union was formed as a Union of liberty, respect for other cultures, languages and traditions, security and stability and so on. That’s a nice idea, isn’t?

The next thing they then mentioned in the book is what they decided to do against threats from outside.

Were they being threatened? I mean, yes, of course there will always be some bad guy sitting in his politically important office wherever in the world plotting against this country or the other. But why does everyone automatically assume that somebody’s plotting to attack your country. But the only people (or countries or unions or whatever) who have to assume someone heeds a grudge against them are those who are plotting to attack someone themselves.


I know I’m only make a fragment of our world, but I don’t go around assuming everyone’s going to kill me. And yes, I understand these big parliament people carry the responsibility for millions of citizens. But honestly, they die in every super hero movie and every disaster movie and yes, maybe I’m missing my point here.

But to me, all over the world, there’s basically the same mentality: “I’m a country, I have an army and stuff. At some point someone is going to attack me and when that happens we have to be ready. Ah, why wait. We should attack them before they attack us.”

What I was reading in that book was scary; for immediate reactions the EU has so-called battle groups. What kind of name is that? Why not call it Terminator 2.0 and put on scary masks?

Wars are started for all kinds of reasons (all of them completely stupid and you know…human). We start wars over resources, religion, freedom, pride, women (although women weren’t worth anything for quite a while, so it was more over pride a very large ego), diamonds, land; next we’ll be fighting over water or the last polar bear (except that nobody cares about them).

But honestly, if we weren’t so paranoid there wouldn’t be as many conflicts.

“Eh, you want to dump on my country? I’ll dump on you!” – “Sorry, I simply missed the garbage can.” – “You calling me a garbage can?”

Or on a bigger scale:

“Aw, he’s got an atomic bomb! I bet he’ll aim at us, out of almost 200 countries in the world, surely he’ll target us with it! Let’s go get a bomb, people!” – “Ah, he went and got himself an atomic bomb did he? Copy cat! I had it first and mine’s BETTER! Let’s go try it out!”

“I think everyone ought to be Christian. As a Christian; I’ll go kill some non-believers.”

“I think everyone ought to be straight. Let’s go kill some gay people.”

“Oh, and me, I think everyone be should blond. Let’s go be super racist!”

We have this stupid mentality that we’re constantly paranoid about being attacked in some way, just because we made those same mistakes in the past. We’ll tread on those who are weaker, those without an army and paranoia and a bomb and other brainless killing machines. Therefore everyone gets an army. It’s like the US and their guns (if you have a different opinion, I’m sorry). You can’t fight fire with fire. If nobody had a gun, nobody could get shot. If everyone goes out to get a gun; consequently more people will get shot. It’s simple logic.

We’re fighting another war, by the way. We just don’t know it. I’m talking about the environment. Putting myself at risk of sounding like an eco-freak, all of these wars we get into over land and resources; they’re damaging another “Party”. We’re drilling for oil, we’re digging for minerals and metals, using child labour, being idiots, demanding land and resources as if it was our god given right. One day nature will re-own it’s land and pride and fight back. And there won’t be a thing we can do about it. Who said we can just demand land here and there? Who says we can just pull a line with a stick through the dirt and say: “This is my country! And – umm – I’m the leader, me.” Who says we’re the highest developed species and just get to own everything? https://pinappleflavouredpeople.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/earth-day-2009.png?w=300

So imagine your mum had five children. And all these kids do is fight over toys and the last biscuit, lying, hurting and constantly mum gets hurt, because she’s the one who has to settle these things, because apparently her abominations (children) aren’t capable of getting a grip. The kids want to hold her hand, but only two can hold her hands, so they start fighting over her hands and eventually, her hands get hurt. After years of torment, do you really think she’ll still help us when we really need her? Do you really think she’ll hold onto us with her burned hands after she’s fed us and supplied us with everything we need and we still never managed to make peace over a cracker? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t.

So maybe it’s time to put or own paranoia aside, no matter how big the country or union and take care of mum for a moment. She’s worn – but she’s strong. Oh, and please stop having so many children. She’ll have to feed them to and there’s barely enough as it is. Fewer people, more resources, less war, less paranoia. In my naive little mind, it could be so simple.

So this is what happens when I do my politics homework…I could go on for ages.


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