I have to stop! Day 2

Hello people

Once again a day has passed in your lonely absence and the reason I’m writing so weirdly is because my friend Michelle and I just watched Snowwhite and the Huntsman on her new TV. She loves her new TV. It’s huge.

However, who hasn’t seen the movie – again – go watch it, legally, because it deserves to be paid for.

Now, my nails are alright. I didn’t them today after the disaster (minor disaster) of yesterday and all I did was nibble when … at one point in the film.

And Michelle just smoked her second cigarette today, which is good in comparison to the amount she usually smokes. Cheers to that.

Okay, I’m typing on her computer. And I don’t usually go to a friend’s house to blog…

Oh, and here’s the quote of the day: “We have to take pictures – in summer. Like, when it’s summer.”


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