If only…

Everyone of us somehow wishes to be special, to have a special ability. I suppose the urge to be supernatural fades with age, but I’m not that old yet.

When I moved to Germany I wished to be able to beam about, so I could see my friends in Switzerland and so I could travel the world at a low-cost. I imagined having a portal in my room, a door, that would take me anywhere I wanted to. I still think that would be a fantastic thing to have.

The second thing I’d like is to be able to time travel. Just me, of course. Some people would try to change something that happened in history and it would change the future and it would be the butterfly effect all over again and I wouldn’t want to take that risk. But if I could time travel, I could go to see a real dinosaur, I could attend a Victorian ball, I could find out if Shakespeare really wrote those plays. My theory is it was his wife, Anne Hathaway (not the modern one), who was older and more educated than her Husband Will. But he published them for her since women didn’t really have much chance of being successful at the time (except for the queen, of course). He then hid all of the manuscripts in his second best bed and left it to his wife, as is known by whoever joined in a pop quiz.

And I could, dressed as a man, find out who Jack the Ripper was too! I could ask Kleist and Goethe and all of the German authors whose books we are forced to read today what they were thinking when they wrote their book.

If only I could time-travel…

So here’s a childish question: If you had a special ability, what would it be?


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