I have to stop! Day 10 (the booyeah edition)

I didn’t bite my nails – Booyeah!

We completed 4 scenes in one weekend for our up-coming play – Double Booyeah!

I had a bubblebath – Tripple Booyeah!

What are you going to stay to that, huh?

Oh, well, you do still sound like a baby dinosaur and your throat feels like it’s been scrubbed with a hard wire brush all day – but I guess Booyeah beats it all 😀

No seriously, I’m quite proud for dragging myself to school this morning, feeling absolutely terrible, but then finishing four scenes of about five or maybe six for our play. We even got a thumbs up from the teacher. Next week we’ll get the other teacher and she’ll simply ruin everything because apparently it’s not good enough.

I may or may not have explained to you that I have three drama teachers. Well, I have one, but as we’re all working on a play together we basically share the teachers. My teacher is cool, so is the other one, but then there’s number three. Number three is a woman (and I usually prefer women as people, but seldom as teachers) and she’s the worst. On a friday afternoon we have three hours of drama. She’ll talk for at least one of them about how we need to hurry up and what we still have to do and what we shouldn’t do when we’re doing what she just said we’d do, underlined by many, many examples of course. And if anyone else says anything, she’ll always be sure to have the last long word. Someone described her as olive oil, because she always has to be on top.

Our play is built around a thing they call “biographical theatre”, which basically means bringing in our stories and thoughts. And they told us we should create our own play and they’re only the support. Well, I remember last friday we were working on a scene and we’d hardly started and she already stopped us and moaned about this thing or the other. In the end – we weren’t finished. And she blamed us.

We won’t let her destroy our four scenes next week because we’ve had approval from one teacher and the rest of the course! So there!

Anyway, I ought to go get something to eat…bye 🙂


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