I have to stop! Day 14

I have a confession to make – I’m very evil. Or in other words; I can’t deal with back-to-school-starts apparently.

Yes, I did it. I bit my nails. I hate myself for it. When they were growing along so nicely…it was actually only one I bit, but at this I can’t guarantee for the rest can I.

But before I go, one more thing.

I just finished my getting my presentation for history together for tomorrow (leaving it a little late, I know, but I was sick and highly unmotivated) and I noticed thinking to myself: After tomorrow at least that will be off my mind. Thing is; that’s the wrong kind of thinking. In a year or so I’ll be tested in a few subjects on everything I’ve supposedly learned in the last three years and more. Teachers tell us to study so we remember everything. I try. I do. They tell us we can’t just shove everything in one end and let if fall out the other end after the exam. I know that. It makes sense. But then why do they give us a three-week period of exams and presentations (and plays in my case, but that’s ok) and don’t forget the homework? Do they really expect us to remember everything? Do they really think that because my brain is young and juicy I’ll invent a new method for learning, remembering everything anyone said during the lesson, what I copied from the blackboard (And the keep changing what they wrote after half the class has already copied it), what I read in a book? So I have to remember all that for 10 subjects? For two tests in one half-term? So that’s four exams in one year for 10 subjects.

Who gave teachers or whoever’s really in charge the idea that in future they’ll only be super-brains popping out and into school? They want us to learn everything in detail and remember it longterm. Well, good luck with that. Even the things I want to remember and try to remember is gone after at least a year. They’re whizzing through the subjects; so why can’t I do the same? Because I’ll get tested on it. And no, I can’t afford to fail an exam because I took it slow and memorized everything; because I need to have it present in my brain on the day of the exam or else I won’t even get to that lovely big exam where I get tested on a whole load of nonsense. Who do they think they are? And honestly the lessons are getting tighter every decade because people think we have to learn what someone discovered 10 years again. We’ll always be discovering new things. At one point our juicy little brains will burst!

Right, that’s all. I just wanted to get it out there. Now I can sleep in peace, I think. Goodnight.


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