I have to stop! Day 15

Good news, old chap; I didn’t bite my nails today.

And I have a question? I realize there are naturally optimistic and on the other side naturally pessimistic (I mean…err…realistic) people, but are the people who naturally have more energy and motivation? For example my friend and I are completely different in that aspect. Today I was all chatty and excited and rather silly, but certainly laughing, whereas my friend looked like she was about to fall asleep and she wasn’t motivated for school at all. That is of course understandable. But how come I find the energy to get excited about everything and the rest of my friends (the majority anyway) do not? In Berlin for example; we’d arrived and were waiting outside the hostel in the rain for the teachers to check us in. It took them ages; I have no idea what was taking them so long. Everyone was already pissed off about waiting and rain and standing and therefore; Berlin and I was dancing around. I love school trips – or trips in general and I seem to annoy the majority of people travelling with me. Maybe I have some kind of hyperactivity disorder because I’m happy when others aren’t, but everyone acts like it’s the norm to be annoyed and constantly complaining about stuff.

Anyhow, I’ve brushed my teeth and since I have school on a Saturday (grrr) I ought to be getting into bed. Did you know that I haven’t had a single tooth filling? Mine are very teeth and that’s something I’m very proud of.

Now, always remember to brush your teeth. Good night 🙂


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